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MicroPolar - Microwave Measurement Technology

The microwave measurement technology from Berthold Technologies is used to measure the concentration, dry substance or moisture content in the most varied types of products during ongoing production- either on conveyor belts, in chutes, in pipes or in vessels.

Our microwave systems can be used across a wide range of very different industries such as the food and beverage industries, waste water, power stations, mines, wood processing and papers mills as well as many more. The selection of sensors and technical features, such as dynamics, frequency etc. is correspondingly large in order to be able to meet the requirements of such multifaceted industries.

MicroPolar offers measuring capabilities for:

Bulk materials

Microwave Technology for Sewage Sludge Optimisation
6 of 15 Microwave units in the SIAPP plant in Paris
6 of 15 Microwave units in the SIAPP plant in Paris.
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Measuring Sewage Solids - by pass system
Measuring Sewage Solids - by pass system.
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Measuring Moisture in Woodchips
Measuring Moisture in Woodchips.
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MicroPolar - Microwave Measurement Technology